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Military vets and fireworks: It’s a complicated relationship

Marine Corps veteran Brian Vargas is still triggered by the sound of fireworks. A Purple Heart recipient, Vargas has endured over 200 medical procedures since his return from Iraq. “There’s just some sounds you’ll never forget, like the sound of 5.56 and 7.62 rounds impacting all around you,” said Vargas, now the manager for the…MORE

Transgender advocacy group launches Spanish language hotline service

After experiencing a surge in calls, a transgender advocacy group launched a Spanish language version of their hotline on Wednesday. Trans Lifeline, which started as a hotline in 2014 and is run by transgender volunteers, says it has witnessed a massive increase of Spanish speakers seeking help in the last two years, according to a…MORE

The UK is reopening for business. London may never be the same

London has seen more than its share of crises. The 2000-year old metropolis has endured an influenza pandemic, the Blitz and several financial meltdowns over just the past century. Time and again, London has come roaring back, relying on a spirit of resilience and reinvention that is being summoned once more as the British capital…MORE

Instagram star flaunted lavish lifestyle but was actually conspiring to launder hundreds of millions of dollars, US prosecutors say

A Nigerian man nicknamed “Ray Hushpuppi” who flaunted his Rolls Royces, fancy watches and designer clothing on Instagram faces money laundering conspiracy charges in the United States, according to the Department of Justice. Ramon Olorunwa Abbas appeared in a federal court in Chicago on Friday. He is accused of conspiring to launder hundreds of millions…MORE

If the United States were my patient: We aren’t ready to celebrate yet

Back in the middle of May, I wrote an essay titled “If the United States were my patient,” pondering what it would be like if the United States were a flesh-and-blood person who had gotten sick with an ongoing infection. Seven weeks later, as we approach the patient’s birthday — July 4th — I thought…MORE

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